A collectible 1st edition softcover copy of Queen of Spice; Sexy Vegetarian Cuisine by Sunyatta Amen
A SIGNED collectible softcover edition of Queen of Spice: Sexy Vegetarian Cuisine by Sunyatta Amen
One PERSONALLY AUTOGRAPHED collectible edition of 'Queen of Spice: Sexy Vegetarian Cuisine'. Sunyatta will autograph it to whichever name you desire.

Hi Spicy Family!

Thank you for your order of the Sexy Vegetarian Cookbook. As the cookbook is a pre-order I want to update you on the progress with the book. We are going to print in the next 2-3 weeks and then the books are shipped to me to sign (and fawn over). Then they are shipped out into your hot hands. Woohoo! I look forward to your feedback after you try this collection of my favorite sensual themed recipes; lovingly compiled for you to tantalize your loved ones. Below you will find a discount code as a thank you for your patience and love during this book project process. This exclusive discount is good for 2 weeks and can be applied to any products at www.siteaspicecom. Enjoy! Thank you again for your support.

All my best, Sunyatta

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This is the cookbook you’ve been waiting for! ‘Queen of Spice: Sexy Vegetarian Cuisine’ is a journey into the secret language of love, spice & the sensual arts – all wrapped in an artistic limited edition!

Sunyatta Amen, known as the “Queen of Spice” shares her secrets of sexy ingredients and mouth-watering recipes for those seeking new heights through delicious delights. And the food is just the beginning. Sunyatta knows how to really serve it up!

Queen of Spice: Sexy Vegetarian Cuisine” is an aphrodisiac cookbook featuring:

  • Over 100 Super Seductive Recipes… crafted to ultimately make you the hottest dish being served
  • An Aphrodisiac Spice Glossary
  • Seductive Serving Ideas to Stimulate Your Beloved
  • Guide to ‘The Well-Stacked Rack’ – spice rack, that is.

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"Sunyatta's recipes cover the bases of taste, mood and emotion, taking you from the kitchen to the bedroom, giving you domestic pleasure in full measure."
- Nelson George, best-selling author, producer of The Chris Rock Shows, filmmaker

“No one knows how to spice it up like Sunyatta Amen. If you’re trying to look better and feel better–in all parts of your life, she’s got you covered. Use these amazing vegetarian recipes and be ready to impress.”
Paul Shapiro, Founder of VegDC